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adjacent, possible

Welcome to adjacent, possible.


Please, find a blanket, take a seat.


We invite you to rest, breathe, listen, look, and be present as you are.


In this durational improvisation, four dancers explore internal landscapes in conversation with the living environment, each other, and you - our witnesses.


No vantage point nor moment is exactly the same as any other - each individual in its own life span - like you or me or the blade of grass beneath your feet.


Notice the sounds around you, the people, plants,  life in the moment in this space. Consider, that the fundamental elements of you, the four bases of your DNA, are the same four molecules that scaffold every living thing around you. 

Take a deep breath, exchanging vital materials between your inner systems and the trees'.


Trust that you are part of something greater than yourself. 


Tap into the adjacent possible.


Tori Myers, Yukina Sato Crul,

Teddi Vargas, & Megan Wurtz


Laura Neese

adjacent, possible Audio Introduction
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Human Skeleton Sketch


In response to the embodied experience of 2020, with much time spent indoors, in isolation, without safe access to typical performance spaces, and without ability to have dancers touch or interact at close range, we have an opportunity to embrace unconventional performance research, to explore the human-place interface, and probe potential for meaning making while masked and socially distanced.


Adjacent, possible is an ongoing process, rooted in deeply embodied investigation of experiential anatomy, and attending to expansive connections between self, environment, and others. 


We have consciously allowed for time, making temporal room for witnessing, choicemaking, and growth. Through the repetition and ritual of improvising together weekly over the past few months, we have witnessed the warmth wane to chill, the leaves turn from green to gold, and have sensed the weaving of invisible threads of connection between the individuals in this process, and between the group and this place.

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