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I make work with movement and breath. I collaborate with inspiring humans and through that collaboration, find energy. I move to process and I perform to process. I allow dreams to froth up and take charge. My work dances through theatricality, song, and performativity. It develops as a momentary reaction to the present humans, the feeling in the air. It craves interaction amongst performer, witness, and the space encapsulating them. I live in the hyper-capitalistic consumerism that made me. I look to newly created worlds rising from its ashes. I look to presence in digital and virtual spaces and I trouble present day patterns of disembodiment. I believe in the importance of imagining. I believe in the radical necessity of imagining. Against my inner coding, I listen. Contrary to my internal rhythm, I wait. Traitor to my programming, I allow emergence. I dance for connectivity: with self, with others, with performer, with witnesses.  I acknowledge who came before me. My work lives as an extension. I make dance that celebrates the fullness of movement in space, movement in sound, and movement in body. I celebrate bodies in exploration with each other. I listen and react to my collaborators. I improvise what has been planned. I revel in performativity.

ephemeral improvisational inspirations { the research, the scholarship, the established relationship, the intelligence, the technique is the foundation from which fresh, unexpected art can bloom } Togetherness // community // collaborative ideas: Being with another human and practicing an open, listening dialogue Resisting the paternalistic practice of choreographer holding all knowledge and absolute power Resisting the white supremacy cultural norm of perfectionism and inadequacy humor // joy // absurdism: the radical act of imagining lightness and joy into reality Resisting the practice of stunting growth via power hoarding Following a pathway of emerging content rather than a prescribed correctness Immediacy // yes and-ing // performing as process Celebrating the art of performing without perfection, creating without the supposition of lengthy process, joyfully sinking into a process that performs while it creates and highlights the aliveness of art-making as the product grows and develops while being generously given
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